The 2016 Red Dot Jury

The Red Dot jury members form the backbone of the Red Dot Design Award, which are comprised of 20 recognised international designers, professors, and specialised journalists or publishers. These experts are able to assess cultural characteristics of design thanks to their experience and know-how.
The jury.

Winning Concepts

Red Dot online has in recent years become one of the most important design research portals for business, the media and the entire design industry. The online exhibition for the Red Dot Award: Design Concept receives over 1 million page views a year. View here.

About the Award

In 2015, the Red Dot Award for design concept received 4,680 entries from 61 countries. View here.

Reasons to Win the Award

This is the only award that evaluates the submitted entries purely on its design merit and not by who submitted the entries. When you win, you win at the highest level. Read more.

Winner's Interview

Dr. Viviana Degrandi shares her views and tells us about the recent developments with Atollo. More

Design Concepts and Ready To Launch Products

Participants can now present their entries in a more appropriate category for the jury to evaluate.
More information

Interview with Katharina Unger

Katharine Unger shares more about her views and the developments of Farm 432. More


Red Dot often serves as the media's reference for features on the latest design trends and noteworthy companies. More...

Winners’ Interview

Flying Objects share more about their design philosophy and their time at Xiamen International Business Week in 2015. More

Buy the yearbook

The 2015 yearbook includes the efforts, research and discovery of 1 Red Dot: Luminary, 39 Red Dot: Best of the Bests, 228 Red Dots, and 69 Honourable Mentions. There is much to anticipate and discover for the future. More...